Soulmate School
an online course to fall in love
You’re open, available and ready for love now…
but it’s just not working.

There’s a key piece that you’re missing. Other love experts aren’t talking about it and it’s at the heart of Soulmate School.
Soulmate School is for you if...
you’ve tried all the law of attraction tools to manifest a great relationship and it just isn’t happening
you’d rather be single than be in another unhappy relationship, but at the same time you’re so done with being alone
you wonder if the scars from past relationships or trauma are holding you back
your friends can’t believe that you’re still single. You secretly wonder if there’s something wrong with you
you know that you’re subconsciously attracting the wrong kind of guy, but you don’t know how to fix it and attract the right kind of man
you’re done beating yourself up thinking, “I should be able to figure this out by myself”

And if you’re ready to know...

The 6 powerful steps to creating a relationship that will really light up your heart

How to clear your subconscious blocks that are keeping love away

How to make energetic space in your life for your man so he can actually feel you welcoming him in

What quality men are really looking for in a partner

The key to finding a partner who will love you for who you are

How to activate your own unique love vibration so you can attract exactly what you want into your life

Then you’re in the right place.

Soulmate School Includes:


Six 75 minutes classes covering each of the following transformational steps:

- Reclaim Your Own Heart
- Break Up with Your Love Limits
- Make Space for Love
- Let the Love In
- How to Understand a Good Man
- Activate your Love Vibration

Recordings of Four Group Coaching Calls where I have answered the top burning questions about love and relationship.

Audio recordings of all of the classes and calls so you can have the flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace.

Plus lots of great bonuses - check them out below.

So here’s how it unfolds…
In Soulmate School...

You’ll learn my signature six step process for creating a relationship that will light up your life.

In this class you’ll create a confident connection to yourself that’s irresistible to your Soulmate
Empower your heart so that you attract a man who enhances the beauty of who you really are

Learn a simple life-changing energetic tool I use every day – this one will shift your perspective forever.

Release the fear of judgment and move with confidence in the world.

In this lesson you’ll learn to stop unconsciously undermining yourself and know that love is coming. And that you deserve it.

Uncover and break through the subconscious blocks that hold you back from love.

Let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in self-sabotage.

Train your inner critic to work with you not against you.

In lesson 3 you’ll make energetic ‘room’ in your life for your True Partner – so he feels your openness.

I’ll guide you through my revolutionary signature process to instantly clear out old memories and energies from past toxic relationships – forever!

Receive a sacred healing ritual to help you heal from past negative sexual experiences and trauma.

Learn a powerful energetic tool that you can use anytime to open up your love space.

I’ll teach you to feel the crucial difference between ‘getting’ and receiving (this piece changed my marriage forever).

You’re great at giving… learn to receive and let love in.

You know you have to love yourself before you can attract an amazing man – learn what self-love really is and what it feels like in your body.

Learn how to tell who to let in and who to keep out.

Discover the powerful differences in how men think and how you can use this knowledge to connect in an entirely new way.

Learn to communicate with men in a way that they can hear.

Allow a panel of high quality men to teach you what they’re truly looking for.

Override past stories and truly trust Masculine Energy so you can attract a real man (not a Peter Pan).

In this lesson you’ll learn how to activate your unique love vibration so that you can be an energetic match for the type of man you yearn for.

Learn how you’ve been energetically playing small and how to feel safe enough to stop hiding.

I’ll take you on a profound energetic journey to receive your deepest love – this one is so beautiful it brings me to tears every time.

Discover the secret to turning on your inner radiance so you can magnetize your partner to you.

The Man Panel - an entire extra call with 4 of the highest caliber men I know sharing what quality men are really looking for.

An Expert Interview with Mat Boggs, creator of Cracking the Man Code sharing his “Man Scan” which will teach you how to really tell if a man is interested in you.

Audio Recordings of Powerful Energetic Tools and Healing Meditations that you can download to your phone or tablet and listen to any time you need support.

A recommended reading and resource list

A Powerful Instructional Video that will help you shift your limiting beliefs.

And more fun surprises along the way…

So if you’re ready for a heart centered love… give yourself this profound gift and emerge powerfully into the next phase of your life

Soulmate School

Tuition $397

How do you know
if it’s the right time
to take Soulmate School
You’ve found yourself repeating the same patterns in relationship and you’re ready to make a change!
You’re afraid your soulmate may have come and gone and there isn’t another one for you (there isn’t only one –
I promise!)
You’re tired of being the only single woman in a group. You’re ready to attend those parties and events with your man by your side
The pain of staying single is more than the risk of being open to a new relationship
You think that scars from past relationships or traumas might be holding you back and you’re ready to clear them now
You’re feeling insecure about your ability to find a partner…. sometimes you even feel almost ready to give up, but your heart just won’t let you
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel like I don’t have the time right now?
By investing as little as 2 hours per week you can get the full benefit of this program. If you’re on your own timeline you can take as long as you need to work through each of the techniques, tools and meditations available. Once you enroll, you fully own this program. This means you can continue to deepen into the work and revisit the tools as many times as you need.

You truly have the flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace.

There will always be a ‘better time’ to do this somewhere in the future. But if you know deep down that what you’ve been doing isn’t working – then only you can decide how important it is for you to call in your soulmate now. If you’re really ready for your man, then you owe it to yourself to get the tools you need to let him in.

This is about you focusing on you and what’s important in your life.

PLUS you have access to Soulmate School for the lifetime of the program. You can come back to it whenever you want.

How do I access the material?
You'll be emailed all the log in information and you’ll be directed to all the materials. No more looking back through emails to find the audio replays and bonuses.

There’s a section for each of the 6 steps including:
-easily downloadable Mp3 recordings of each class and Q&A call
-recordings of powerful meditations and energetic tools that are simple to transfer to your phone or tablet and listen to at any time
-writing prompts to help you dive in deeper to your own transformation
-instructional videos to support you in your learning and healing
-plus all of the amazing bonuses

AND my support team will be on hand to support you in making this whole thing super easy for you.

What if I can’t afford this?
If you are truly ready for a partner who values you – take this opportunity to value yourself in the deepest way.

This is an invitation for a profound shift – a shift into making your happiness your top priority. This is the first step in calling in your true partner – to attracting a partner who makes YOU a priority.

What if I don’t believe there really is someone out there for me?

The techniques and meditations I’ll be sharing in this class will actually help you transform your limiting beliefs and uncover your subconscious blocks to attracting the right relationship. Our thoughts create our reality, so when you clear the blocks and beliefs that have held you back, you’ll naturally be magnetic to the right partner.

If you’ve given up hope, I’ll help you to reconnect with LOVE.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you fully commit to getting the most out of Soulmate School and really give it your all, and you still find you have not had a fundamental change in the way your view yourself and your ability to create a life of love, you can speak to our team and we will gladly refund your tuition.

What people are saying about Soulmate School
"Liesel’s wisdom and guidance in Soulmate School helped me to open up to a relationship with a man who makes me laugh, is interested in my ideas, sings me love songs, and kisses me every day. AND we just got married!! Thank you Liesel!"
"Liesel was able to see that I was holding energy from a prior relationship. She helped me clear it out and 2 weeks later I started seeing my beloved! We’re been together for 6 years now and it just gets better and better!"
"I knew something was blocking me but I didn’t understand what it was or how to get to it. The safety that I felt in Soulmate School, the clearing of old patterns, and the awareness of the guarding around my heart made a huge difference! I met Tak right after our last call!" 

Soulmate School

Tuition $397

Liesel Rigsby
The Energetic Matchmaker
Liesel Rigsby is known as The Energetic Matchmaker for her ability to intuitively ‘see’ what women need to shift in order to build a life of deeply fulfilling and lasting love. She is the creator of the internationally renowned Soulmate School™, a six-week course designed to help women fall in love with themselves and clear their energetic blocks to divine partnership. She has helped women all over the world create loving, connected relationships.